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Brighton Beach

2989 Ocean Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11235


By public transportation:

B1 Bus to Ocean Pkwy-Ocean View Ave

to Brighton Beach or Q to Ocean Parkway

Park Slope

1405 8th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215


By public transportation:

B69 Bus to 7th Ave-14th St

F to 15th St-Prospect Park

Evening and Saturday appointments available
Russian and Spanish spoken
Dr. Seidman was thorough and knowledgeable in her field. She didn’t rush our appointment and listened and asked us questions other doctors didn’t. We will definitely be following up with her. I highly recommend her!
"Dr. Seidman was extremely competent and very pleasant. He took his time with the various examinations (including eye drops), and handled my initial anxiety with sensitivity. Soon, my anxiety subsided and I was able to relax."

"Saw Dr. Seidman and she was excellent and very thorough. I'm definitely going back!"

"Not only was Dr. Seidman extremely professional, but he made me feel safe and feel like he actually cared about my well-being. I wasn't just another number to him..."
I was very nervous but she put me right at ease and I trusted my eyes to her which any sane person knows means a lot. She was sure and calm, thorough and professional and the examination and procedure were over shortly. I recommend her very highly!
Dr. Seidman was definitely helpful and well educated. She easily navigated through the exam and treated the reason for my visit with ease. She was gentle and patient. She even quickly updated the prescription on my lenses!
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