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сhapter The Khrushchev Era сhapter 74 as a mystery, and the broken dreams and reforms of Nikita Khrushchev (1918-1971). But, we must also remember that these programs were never undertaken by one isolated government. The last two decades of the twentieth century was an era of unprecedented economic prosperity. Historian Walter LaFeber wrote that it marked “the most prosperous and peaceful era in the annals of civilization since the Pax Romana.” Perhaps the most enduring legacy of the Cold War, however, was the construction of the Berlin Wall. This wall was seen as symbolic of the Cold War, the most frightening of all the great ideological struggles of the twentieth century. It represented the fear of a world in which the Communist threat was unchecked, a world of massive oppression, gulags, and genocidal warfare. It was, therefore, a great sadness that the Cold War came to an end in the fall of 1989, and was replaced by a new wave of violence. The Cold War represented a period of remarkable global peace and prosperity, and the two nuclear superpowers were constrained by the superpowers of their time, the United States and the Soviet Union. The social and economic progress of the post-World War II era is quite astounding when contrasted with the state of affairs that prevailed from roughly 1945 to 1989. The past half century has yielded the most remarkable of all human achievements – perhaps the most astonishing revolution of all time. The horror of Auschwitz and the capture of the minds of its survivors are largely responsible for the end of the Holocaust. Its very memory is, therefore, a monument to the greatest of human achievements. Before the discovery of the Nazi camps, it was assumed that the remaining Jews would have perished long ago. Since its establishment, the United States has been the model of racial integration. There have been criticisms of the American system of racial equality, but they have never been successful. The absence of racism in the United States has contributed significantly to the growth of modern civilization. With its natural resources, technical innovations, and economic opportunities, the United States has been able to provide its citizens with more resources than the citizens of any other nation. The United States is also the world’s largest economic power and the only developed country that has never been invaded by a foreign power. Historically, those who live in the United States have enjoyed remarkable economic prosperity and a comparatively free environment. The growth of this economic strength has been in large measure responsible for the unparalleled economic growth and stability




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Catherine Cookson Complete Collection Epub Torrent 2022

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